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Listen to Online Radio Stations on Your Smartphone  

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If you are trying to find a new way to listen to online radio stations on your smartphone, you may want to do a bit of research into software that allows you to browse through dozens of stations in a matter of seconds. These "audio news channels" work just like any other application on your smartphone - you can scroll through playlists and tap to listen. They are packaged by major media organizations such as Yahoo!


In addition to the usual online radio stations, you can also listen to traditional FM radio stations from around the world. These allow you to be able to listen to while driving to work or taking a long bike ride. It is convenient to be able to turn on your GPS at home, and find a list of radio stations along your route. If you are a beginner rider, these apps can help keep you from losing interest because there are so many options to choose from. You can listen to your favorite artists, talk shows, and all of your regular favorites.


A good example of this type of program is "RSS" or "streaming music" technology. This is very similar to the popular iTunes service, but it feeds directly to your smartphone and then plays back when you pass the audio signal. These programs work particularly well if you are looking for current popular music, but they also allow you to search through radio stations based upon keywords. Some examples include "the new diet", "sports highlights", and "business news". If you are looking for a new way to listen to online radio stations on your smartphone, this is a great option.